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the complete guide for Outdoor security cameras

the complete guide for Outdoor security cameras

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planning on buying an outdoor security camera

when you are planning on buying an outdoor security camera first you need to create a map of your home and yards like the front porch, the garage, and the backyard, you’ll probably need a camera for each of those locations, and don’t forget to include any large features such as trees or a pool and figured out exactly how and why you want to view each area. This will become your security plan. Most cameras also rely on Wi-Fi for connectivity, which means you may also need a Wi-Fi extender if you aren’t able to get a good signal outside. after you take care of the wifi issue if it possible or not you can proceed with the best home security camera out there that you need.

Subtypes of outdoor security cameras

As explained, outdoor security cameras are video recording devices used to capture footage of your property from the outdoors. These cameras are helpful for several reasons. First of all, once the intruder notices that the camera secures your property, high chance they will give up on their intention of breaking in. In case this doesn’t stop them, you will have live footage on your phone or computer and be able to notify the authorities of the break-in immediately. Also, if you have a camera that is storing the recordings, it can help identify intruders and find stolen items, if any. Besides intrusions, these cameras can detect other incidents, such as unintentional fires, floods, etc. Quick reaction to such incidents, such as calling firefighters, can prevent more significant damage on your property and items within. And last but not least, security cameras can help you reduce insurance costs and create a safer work environment for your employees.

As you can understand, having a security camera is useful for more than just one reason. You can not just prevent things but stop more significant hazards as well.

Usually, outdoor security cameras are used for businesses, in front of gates, or securing warehouses, but you can easily install one in your home as well. You can never be too cautious

nowadays, can you?

Wireless outdoor security cameras

As the first subtype of outdoor security cameras, we would like to point out wireless ones. Since wireless security cameras are easier to install than wired one, it’s a choice of preference for many. Saving some money on installation can never harm, right? So, let’s see what wireless outdoor security cameras are and when you can use them.

Wireless or Wi-Fi security

cameras are different from wired not by way of charging but by transmitting the signal. Even though most people think that a wireless security camera requires no cables and you simply mount it to the wall, it does need to charge somehow.

Yet, it transmits the signal via Wi-Fi and not the ethernet cable. All the footage created by IP or Wi-Fi camera is stored on the cloud, and in some rare cases, on a microSD card in the camera itself. As mentioned, they do need to charge, meaning you do need to connect them to a charging point (standard AC) unless they are battery-powered. In this case, you will need to change the battery each time it’s drained.

Ideally, an outdoor wireless security camera should be mounted to a ceiling or a wall using a dedicated mounting plate or screws. This way, despite the weather, your camera will stand still and record everything that is happening. Some of these cameras have integrated spotlights and a built-in siren to scare away the intruders. Generally, all these cameras have a wide field of view (around 130 feet), making them cover a larger area than wired cameras.

The best thing, every outdoor wireless camera comes with an app you can use on your mobile phone or computer.

Using this app, you can see live footage of everything going on, as well as download recordings from the cloud storage and watch them later. Depending on the camera type, you might have the ability to hear the sound and communicate with people on the footage, in case it’s a two-way audio camera. You can set your security camera system to send you an alert to your mobile device every time it detects unusual activities.

Wire-free outdoor security cameras

As mentioned, wireless cameras do require a charging cable unless they have batteries. In this case, we are speaking about wire-free cameras that require no cables to transmit the footage or charge. Usually, batteries in these cameras are rechargeable batteries, meaning you don’t need to buy a new battery each time. Since they have time-limited “life,” their default setup is to record video only when they detect

motions. This means your footage is limited to those moments when movement is detected, which is less reliable than having 24/7 footage. Yet, nowadays, some of these cameras can be attached to a solar panel power system that would charge their batteries constantly and give them 24/7 recording ability. This might actually be the future of all security systems.

Wired outdoor security cameras

Unlike wireless cameras, wired security systems transmit footage using coaxial cable. The footage can

either remain within the local network hub or be sent outside of the home network. These security cameras receive their power through the hardwired cable. The power might come directly from the power outlet or through the same coaxial cable used to transmit the footage (PoE – Power Ethernet Cable).

The central hub for receiving video is usually local, somewhere around the camera. It can be a DVR – digital video recorder or an NVR – networked video recorder. DVR is attached to the security camera with the same coaxial cable used to transmit the signal, and it’s an older technology. Meanwhile, NVR is used with newer IP cameras, and instead of a coaxial cable, it’s using PoE cables. Wired security cameras are referred to as security systems since, besides the camera itself, they come with an external device for footage storing. Instead of cloud storage, everything these cameras are recording is saved on a device that has a limited memory space, meaning you should be careful when choosing if you want a 24/7 surveillance or a motion-detection system. These cameras are coming in systems of 4 up to 16 cameras and are more suitable for businesses. While you need to buy a new wireless camera and go through the same installation process each time, and also get new cloud storage with wired camera systems, you can just add a few cameras physically and attach them to an existing system.

Wireless vs. Wired cameras?

 An eternal dilemma – which camera to buy for your home security?

With technology development, both camera types are evolving and bringing something the other one doesn’t have. Now, the question is, what are you securing, how many cameras you need, and do you need a completely reliable network, or some minor mishaps are allowed.

Wired security cameras require a professional installation but have a long-lasting duration. If you don’t mind investing some money at the start, it can pay off later. Also, as mentioned, adding a wired camera to the system is more straightforward than adding a wireless one. That way, if you need to add cameras later and are not sure how many of those you actually need for your home security, you might want to stick with wired systems.

Having a wireless camera is easier since cloud storage has virtually unlimited storage space. However, this space comes with a monthly fee, so add it up to your costs. Wired cameras have a memory capacity you are buying at the start when purchasing the system itself, and there are no additional costs. However, at some point, recordings will be rewritten due to insufficient storage space. Depending on how long you want to store footage, choose between these two systems. If you are renting a house, for example, you do not need something long-term. You just want to secure your belongings while at this property. In this case, having a wireless camera would pay off more since the installation process is simpler and de-installation. However, if you depend on the video footage transmission 24/7 and don’t want any lags, wired cameras are way more suitable. Since they are connected through ethernet or coaxial cable, the Internet stability is higher with these cameras and your footage reliability.

The flaw of wired systems is that some of the manufacturers didn’t develop the app connected to the system, so monitoring these cameras can be quite a task and require employing additional staff. If you summarize the costs, the installation of a wired security system will be more expensive at the beginning, but looking long-term, it’s a more affordable choice. Of course, it depends on the funds you have at your disposal at the start.

Floodlight cameras

As another subtype of wireless security cameras, we have floodlight cameras. They come with a large floodlight that turns on when the camera does. It helps have brighter footage and potentially scare away intruders. The lighting can be attached to an existing lighting system at the property or a power outlet.

Video doorbells

Instead of a classic doorbell, today, we have video doorbells with cameras installed. Since doorbells are outside of the property, this is considered another subtype of the outdoor camera. When the camera detects a motion or the doorbell is pressed, the camera will activate and start the video recording and professional monitoring. Also, two-way communication audio will open up on your smart home devices like smartphones, smart speakers, or smart TV, so you can communicate with the person at your door. If you do not react, you will see footage of who was at your door. Most of these cameras need to be attached to your existing doorbell wiring, and you can do it yourself or ask a professional to do it for you. Anyhow, you will always know who is out there on your other smart home devices with smart home integration.


Best Outdoor Security Cameras the buyer’s guide

We would like to point out some of the features you want to look for when buying an outdoor home security camera. There are few key elements to consider for the best outdoor security camera.

  1. Camera shape Here, you can choose between bullet, dome, pan tilt zoom, and box cameras. A bullet camera is the most popular shape for an outdoor CCTV camera. It allows infra-red to be built-in and offers mounting flexibility within three axis mount. Dome cameras are small and used if you want a camera that is not visible. Their infra-red is limited to 130 feet since the casing is small. Pan tilt zoom cameras are used if you have an actual guard monitoring the camera. Their advantage is the ability to move 360 degrees. However, they are a larger size than others. Box cameras are professional cameras used in challenging weather conditions since they are more resistant than bullet and dome cameras.
  2. Camera construction material Since outdoor cameras need to be weather-resistant, it’s essential to watch out for the material. It’s advised to look for metal cameras with IP66 and above.
  3. IP weatherproof rating As mentioned, it’s imperative to look for a camera’s weatherproof rating. Especially if you live in the areas of the stronger sun or hard rains, you need a camera with a good rating.
  4. Resolution Another thing to look for is the camera resolution. For sure, you do not want your video to be fuzzy or the picture to be unclear. If having an analog camera, they now go up to 1,000 TVL. If using HD video resolution, the possibilities are endless.
  5. Night vision, Of course, having a camera without night vision ability would not be as valuable. Usually, chances for burglary or theft are lower during the day, meaning that night vision is what really matters when choosing a camera. you can capture clear images after the sunsets. the most important things to look for are the range for which night vision works and the image resolution.

Best outdoor home security cameras in 2021

As promised, we would love to show you some of the best options for outdoor security cameras at the moment. We tried to sort it all by category and give you one option for each of them. Make sure the camera model you choose has all the features you want. if you didn’t find what you are looking for check this out for more security cameras reviews – Take your time so that you get one that meets all of your needs and works for your home go to the article for more.

 however, you should know by now that there are more dangers in the digital world so if you care for your safety in your private home  I urge you to consider one of the webcams with the cover here.


# Arlo Pro 4 Overall top rated outdoor wi-fi camera

Arlo Pro 4 Spotlight Camera 3 Pack Wireless Security
Arlo Pro 4 Spotlight Camera 3 Pack Wireless Security Price: $466.87 (as of 16/06/2022 03:08 PST- Details) & FREE Shipping.

In stock

# Wyze cam v3 The best affordable model with local video storage

Wyze Cam v3 with Color Night Vision camera
Wyze Cam v3 with Color Night Vision camera Price: $35.98 (as of 16/06/2022 03:08 PST- Details) & FREE Shipping.

In stock

# the 3-Cam Kit Real-time professional camera

Deep Sentinel Smart Security Cameras Professional Guards Monitoring Your Property 24/7
Deep Sentinel Smart Security Cameras Professional Guards 24/7 Price: $499.99 (as of 16/06/2022 03:08 PST- Details) & FREE Shipping.

In stock

# Ring Stick Up Cam Wireless security camera

Ring Stick Up Cam Battery HD security camera
Ring Stick Up Cam Battery HD security camera Price: $99.99 (as of 16/06/2022 03:06 PST- Details) & FREE Shipping.

In stock

# Blink Outdoor Super long battery life

Blink Outdoor – wireless, weather-resistant HD security camera
Blink Outdoor wireless, weather-resistant HD security camera Price: $89.99 (as of 16/06/2022 03:08 PST- Details) & FREE Shipping.

In stock

# Google Nest Cam for outdoor

Google Nest Cam Outdoor Weatherproof Outdoor Camera for Home Security Surveillance Camera with Night vision
Google Nest Cam Outdoor - Weatherproof Outdoor Camera for Home Security - Surveillance Camera with Night Vision - Control with Your Phone Price: $194.99 (as of 16/06/2022 03:06 PST- Details)

In stock

in total

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